Ricky Valentin

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This paper presents a demonstration of a process and software for evaluating the ability of an electronic product to operate with out failure under anticipated life cycle loading conditions. For this purpose, a preliminary design for an electronic module that is being developed to support aircraft engines was selected and evaluated. The process included(More)
  • Hauser Danièle, T Podvin, M Dechambre, R Valentin, G Caudal, J-F Daloze
  • 2003
1 INTRODUCTION In the context of increasing interest in polarimetric radar measurements for earth observation, airborne radar systems are useful tools to analyze the polarimetric signature of natural surfaces and to develop and test algorithms. Because SAR (synthetic Aperture Radar Systems) systems are quite expensive to develop and not trivial to use, the(More)
This paper presents the use of techniques for simulating product qualification as well as for product testing of electronic hardware to be used in the United States Marine Corp's Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle. The goal of integrating "up-front" virtual life assessment into the development environment is to increase overall product reliability and(More)
  • Hauser Danièle, G Caudal, T Podvin, G Laurent, R Valentin, B Chapron
  • 2000
INTRODUCTION The SAR on board the ENVISAT satellite will have new specificities (multiple configurations of polarizations and incidences, low resolution mode with large swath) and new processing capabilities which make the instrument very promising, but require complementary studies in addition to those already completed with the ERS data. In particular,(More)
IgE-type antibodies to human serum albumin/ethylene oxide conjugates were determined in 153 patients (140 unselected, 13 selected for presence of eosinophilia) on regular dialysis treatment by radioallergosorbent test (RAST) techniques. In 10.7% of unselected patients and 30.8% of selected patients, RAST values suggested ethylene oxide sensitisation. High(More)
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