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When the isolated salivary glands of the cockroachNauphoeta cinerea Olivier are stimulated by dopamine, the putative neurotransmitter, they secrete a fluid containing (mm): Na, 121; K, 47; Cl, 143. Stimulation of glands by 5-hydroxytryptamine or the neurotransmitter evokes a secretion identical in Na composition to this. Dopamine-evoked secretion is(More)
If liver alcohol dehydrogenase were rate-limiting in ethanol metabolism, inhibitors of the enzyme should inhibit the metabolism with the same type of kinetics and the same kinetic constants in vitro and in vivo. Against varied concentrations of ethanol, 4-methylpyrazole is a competitive inhibitor of purified rat liver alcohol dehydrogenase (Kis = 0.11(More)
1. It has been shown that the isolated salivary glands of Nauphoeta cinerea Olivier produce fluid secretion in response to nerve stimulation or bath applications of dopamine, noradrenaline, adrenaline and 5-HT. These catecholamines, of which dopamine is the most potent, evoked maximal responses matching that to nerve stimulation whereas 5-HT was less(More)
1. A quantitative study has been made of phentolamine's inhibition of the electrical and secretory responses of the isolated salivary glands of Nauphoeta cinerea Olivier to nerve stimulation and bath applications of agonists. 2. The results suggested that phentolamine is a competitive antagonist having an affinity constant of about 1 micrometer-1 for the(More)
Initial cell kinetics (15 min-20 h) of mechanically induced osteogenesis was studied with3H-thymidine (3H-Tdr) autoradiography. Continuous orthodontic force elicited a three-stage cell proliferative reaction within rat molar periodontal ligament (PDL): (a) brief, generalized response, characterized by a burst of mitotic activity from 75 min to 2 h and a(More)
Exposure to 1 mM ouabain for greater than 30 min caused lethal cell injury to isolated rabbit proximal tubules as measured by increased lactate dehydrogenase release. Addition of 2 mM glycine or glutathione to the incubation medium prevented this injury and a sharp fall of cell ATP that accompanied it. Glycine and glutathione did not alter rapid, early(More)
1 We have demonstrated inhibition of secretory responses of cockroach salivary glands to dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline and neurotransmitter by alpha-flupenthixol. This inhibition was slow in onset (60 min) and in reversal (greater than 2 h). 2 Inhibition of responses to adrenaline and noradrenaline was non-competitive, since the maxima and slopes of(More)