Ricky L. Erway

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Acknowledgments This report would not have been possible without the contributions and support of the following members of the OCLC Research Library Partnership Data Curation Policy Working Group whose broad range of experience and perspectives were invaluable. Many thanks to my OCLC Research colleagues who read early drafts and provided helpful suggestions(More)
Ricky Erway was product manager for RLG's Cultural Materials and Trove.net services. Here she summarizes some of the outcomes of this experience, focusing on efforts to make access to the digitized special collections of cultural heritage institutions self-sustaining. The document consists of 3 sections: the main report itself plus 2 appendices. Appendix A(More)
1 When we shift our attention from " save newspapers libraries " to " save society scholarship " , the imperative changes from " preserve the current institutions " to " do whatever works. " —Adapted from Clay Shirky 2 NOTA BENE: This document does not encompass all the traditional roles of academic libraries (e.g., selection, cataloging, circulation,(More)
Acknowledgments The authors thank our colleagues Titia van der Werf, Merrilee Proffitt and Jim Michalko, who guided us throughout this project. (OCLC Research), who critiqued and improved an earlier draft, and to all the digital humanists who spoke about their work. Executive Summary There are many ways to respond to the needs of digital humanists, and a(More)