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This paper describes the design, deployment, and empirical evaluation of WIISARD - a novel emergency response system that provides reliable communication in dynamic wireless environments without extensive communication infrastructure. The main contribution of this paper is an in-depth empirical study of network properties that emerge during a drill in which(More)
The WIISARD disaster response patient tracking program that allows for improved process flow, communication, and patient care using sophisticated wireless technology to coordinate and enhance the care of mass casualties in terrorist attacks or natural disasters. The MICN device has been developed as the link between the Base Station Mobile Intensive Care(More)
Called the Wireless Internet Information System for Medical Response in Disasters, or WIISARD, the use of sophisticated wireless technology to coordinate and enhance care of mass casualties in a terrorist attack or natural disaster is the focus of a federally funded research project at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The project brings(More)
WIISARD utilizes wireless technology to improve the care of victims following a mass casualty disaster. The WIISARD Scene Manager device (WSM) is designed to enhance the collection and accessibility of real-time data on victims, ambulances and hospitals for disaster supervisors and managers. We recently deployed WSM during a large-scale disaster exercise.(More)
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