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Conviction narrative theory (CNT), a social psychological approach to the way economic agents take deisions under Knightian uncertainty, together with the new methodology of directed algorithmic text analysis (DATA), provide the opportunity for a theory of economic sentiment or animal sprits grounded in empirical facts. Applying DATA to the full text of the(More)
BACKGROUND Non-contrast computed tomography (NCT) has become an important diagnostic tool in acute abdominal pain, but the drawback is the increased radiation dose compared to abdominal plain film (APF). PURPOSE To evaluate whether NCT, including low-dose computed tomography (LDCT, using 50 mAs), provides more diagnostic information than APF in patients(More)
Obtaining an accurate picture of the current state of the economy is particularly important to central banks and finance ministries, and of epidemics to health ministries. There is increasing interest in the use of search engine data to provide such 'nowcasts' of social and economic indicators. However, people may search for a phrase because they(More)
This article outlines efficient vector code commonly required for population based optimization methods. Specifically, techniques for population generation, probabilistic selection, recombination & mutation are introduced. These coding 'best practices' emphasize execution speed and concision over readability. As such, each snippet is initially coded in(More)
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