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PURPOSE To evaluate the collective incidence of, and experience with, aortoenteric fistula after endovascular aortoiliac therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A systematic literature research was performed to identify cases of aortoenteric fistulation after aortic stent-graft procedures or stent implantation. RESULTS The review revealed 16 cases of(More)
BACKGROUND Transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) is considered a safe, life-saving procedure in postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), but its long-term effect on menstruation and fertility is unclear. PURPOSE To investigate technical aspects and the evaluation of complications, focused on menstrual cycle and fertility, using TAE in patients with PPH. (More)
Eighteen patients with mediastinal involvement of Hodgkin disease were examined with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging before and during therapy to find out if size of residual masses could be predicted from the MR characteristics of the tumor at diagnosis. After the first treatment, a significant decrease in T2 values and signal intensity ratios of tumor to(More)
An attempt was made to explore whether relaxation times and/or normalized image intensities obtained from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can separate malignant and non-malignant lymphomatous tissue. Spin-echo (SE) techniques with repetition times of 500 and 1,500 ms and echo times of 35 and 70 ms were used for estimating T1 and T2. Estimation of T1 and T2(More)
PURPOSE To report our experience of liver embolization with trisacryl gelatin microspheres (Embospheretrade mark) in patients with metastatic neuroendocrine tumors. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifteen patients underwent selective embolization of the right or left hepatic artery with Embosphere. One lobe was embolized in seven patients and both lobes, on separate(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively compare the outcome of transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) and surgery as salvage therapy of upper gastrointestinal bleeding after failed endoscopic treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS From January 1998 to December 2005, 658 patients were referred to diagnostic/therapeutic emergency endoscopy and diagnosed with upper(More)
BACKGROUND Tissue diagnosis is mandatory prior to treatment of an abdominal or pelvic lesion in a child. OBJECTIVES To compare the diagnostic yield and complications of fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) and 1.2-mm needle core biopsy (NCB) for abdominal and pelvic lesions in children using US guidance. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ninety consecutive abdominal(More)
A consecutive series of 27 patients with symptoms compatible with sacroiliitis underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the sacroiliac joints. The diagnostic sensitivity of MRI was similar to that of computed tomography or conventional radiography. However, MRI seems to have the potential of providing unique information about the disease process in(More)
PURPOSE The aims of the study were: 1) to assess the efficacy of different imaging methods for use prior to treatment; 2) to compare the surgico-histopathologically-based International Neuroblastoma Staging System (INSS) staging with the imaging results; and 3) to suggest a localisation scheme for abdominal neuroblastoma. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thirty-one(More)
Several studies have been published on disc degeneration among young athletes in sports with great demands on the back, but few on competitive divers; however, there are no long-term follow-up studies. Twenty elite divers between 10 and 21 years of age, with the highest possible national ranking, were selected at random without knowledge of previous or(More)