Rickard M. Jonsson

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Six Swedish and one Canadian single spore isolate of Drechslera teres f. teres were used to screen 109 barley lines for disease resistance and to select a differential set of barley lines for use in assessing pathogen virulence. A large variation for net blotch resistance was found among the 109 barley lines which were classified into four groups, those(More)
In special relativity a gyroscope that is suspended in a torque-free manner will precess as it is moved along a curved path relative to an inertial frame S. We explain this effect, which is known as Thomas precession, by considering a real grid that moves along with the gyroscope, and that by definition is not rotating as observed from its own momentary(More)
Our long-term goal is to develop a Swedish winter oat (Avena sativa). To identify molecular differences that correlate with winter hardiness, a winter oat model comprising of both non-hardy spring lines and winter hardy lines is needed. To achieve this, we selected 294 oat breeding lines, originating from various Russian, German, and American winter oat(More)
As the velocity of a rocket in a circular orbit near a black hole increases, the outwardly directed rocket thrust must increase to keep the rocket in its orbit. This feature might appear paradoxical from a Newtonian viewpoint, but we show that it follows naturally from the equivalence principle together with special relativity and a few general features of(More)
In a companion paper (Jonsson andWestman 2006Class. Quantum Grav. 23 61), a generalization of optical geometry, assuming a non-shearing reference congruence, is discussed. Here we illustrate that this formalism can be applied to (a finite four-volume) of any spherically symmetric spacetime. In particular we apply the formalism, using a non-static reference(More)
I will demonstrate that series of miniature endplate potentials (m.e.p.ps) showing a high proportion of so-called giant m.e.p.ps (g.m.e.p.ps) have different statistical structures from series where the proportion of g.m.e.p.ps is low. The nature of the different structures will be discussed on the basis of two statistical models, one for the distribution of(More)
I present a way to visualize the concept of curved spacetime. The result is a curved surface with local coordinate systems (Minkowski Systems) living on it, giving the local directions of space and time. Relative to these systems, special relativity holds. The method can be used to visualize gravitational time dilation, the horizon of black holes, and(More)