Rickard Öste

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An acute meal study was performed to determine postprandial glucose and insulin responses after consumption of two fermented oat bran-based beverages (with and without exopolysaccharides) and yoghurt. This randomized, single-blind, within-subject study included 18 healthy, overweight participants. Four breakfast meals, including a reference meal, were(More)
Intake of dietary fibres may reduce the prevalence of physiological risk factors of the metabolic syndrome, such as high plasma lipid levels and low-grade inflammatory state. Dietary fibres are usually of plant origin however microbial exopolysaccharides (EPSs) have analogue structures that could potentially exert similar physiological effects. Pediococcus(More)
SCOPE The molecular mechanisms underlying the cholesterol-lowering properties of oats are only partly known. To study possible pathways involved, we investigated gene expressions in the liver and small intestine of mice fed oats. METHOD AND RESULTS Cholesterol and bile acids were analyzed in plasma and feces from LDL-receptor deficient (LDLr-/- ) mice fed(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze vitamin D concentration and its association with body composition of children in Huairou district of Beijing, to provide evidence for evaluation and improvement of nutritional status of vitamin D in children. METHODS Totally, 381 children aged 7 - 11 years were recruited in Huairou district of Beijing (40.3 degrees N). Samples of(More)
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