Rick van Krevelen

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The vehicle routing problem is a classical combinatorial optimization problem. This work is about a variant of the vehicle routing problem with dynamically changing orders and time windows. In real-world applications often the demands change during operation time. New orders occur and others are canceled. In this case new schedules need to be generated(More)
Demand Response is a mechanism used in power grids to manage customers' power consumption during critical situations (e.g. power shortage). Data centres are good candidates to participate in Demand Response programs due to their high energy use. In this paper, we present a generic architecture to enable Demand Response between Energy Provider and Data(More)
Interactive business simulations are widely used to explore and compare business strategies from both practice and theory. In many business simulations however, educators and researchers lack support in observing how the simulated actors operationalize their strategies, in validating whether operations have been aligned with the strategy, and also in(More)
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