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This case study describes the application of user-centered design (UCD) principles to the development of a complex middleware software product—IBM’s DB2® Universal Database. Motivated by trade press reviews highlighting ease-of-use problems, a multisite development team utilized IBM UCD to transform ease of use into a featured product attribute. This case(More)
Tools for developing user documentation span a wide range of categories, including document processors, desktop publishing systems, help compilers, tutorial systems, and multimedia authoring environments. Many of these tools (such as those described by Walker [7]) are designed with professional writers in mind. However, user documentation, particularly that(More)
The root cause of many user interface (UI) design deficiencies is not a lack of knowledge about human-computer interaction principles nor a lack of information on user needs. Rather, many UI deficiencies arise because the UI design process is ad hoc and the design is not communicated successfully to the programmers who will implement it. Many UI designers(More)
The hypertext style of organizing onlirm information is a promising approach fbr managing Iargc, complex documint sets tl~>t are used and maintained over a long period of time. Such document sets are typically developed in an au(horing-in-the-!arge environment, in which a team of authors works collaboratively in a knowledge-intensive process. l-his paper(More)
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