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Upper gastrointestinal bleeding has been shown to be a common complication of renal transplantation and one which carries a significant risk of mortality. In a retrospective review of 200 consecutive renal transplants in 194 patients, we found an incidence of only 6 per cent and a mortality rate of 8.3 per cent. Allograft survival in this group of patients(More)
Ten patients with gout, hypertension, and mild to moderate renal insufficiency were studied for possible lead nephropathy by measuring stimulated urinary lead excretion. Seven had a history of lead exposure, 5 from illegal alcohol and 2 from industrial sources. Occult lead was assessed by 24 h urine collection measurements over a 72 h period after(More)
UNLABELLED Ammonia measurements from the Southeastern Aerosol Research and Characterization (SEARCH) study network were analyzed for trends over 9 yr (2004-2012) of observations. Total ammonia concentrations, defined as the sum of gas-phase ammonia and fine particle ammonium, were found to be decreasing by 1-4% yr(-1) and were qualitatively consistent with(More)
Hypercalcemia is common in patients after renal transplantation and may stimulate gastrin hypersecretion with associated peptic disease. We report on 2 patients with hypercalcemia and life-threatening gastrointestinal hemorrhage controlled by subtotal parathyroidectomy. Retrospective review of our last 10 patients with gastrointestinal hemorrhage revealed(More)
In this study, we report on airborne Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) observations of tropospheric NO2 using an Ultralight Trike (ULT) and associated flux calculations. The instrument onboard the ULT was developed for measuring the tropospheric NO2 Vertical Column Density (VCD) and it was operated for several days between 2011 and 2014,(More)
Air pollution had become a vital concern for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. In order to control air pollutant emissions and ensure better air quality during the Games, the Nanjing municipal government took a series of aggressive control measures to reduce pollutant emissions in Nanjing and its surrounding cities during the Youth Olympic Games. The(More)
The organic fraction of secondary particles, commonly known as secondary organic aerosols (SOA), constitutes a significant part of fine aerosols. The formation of SOA is subject to complicated coupling among gas-phase chemical reactions, aqueous -phase, aerosol-phase, and meteorological processes. To correctly predict total particle concentrations in the(More)
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