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The ratio of the proton's elastic electromagnetic form factors, G Ep ͞G Mp , was obtained by measuring P t and P ᐉ , the transverse and the longitudinal recoil proton polarization, respectively. For elastic ៬ ep ! e ៬ p, G Ep ͞G Mp is proportional to P t ͞P ᐉ. Simultaneous measurement of P t and P ᐉ in a polarimeter provides good control of the systematic(More)
Acknowledgement The authors wish to thank Jane Edmonds, our editor, to whom we owe a debt of clarity and consistency, and to the many seafarers who provided us with context and insight. We also wish to thank Captain David Turner and Marc Williams of the MCA for their support and facilitation, and the valued contributions of Permissions Photographs are(More)
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