Rick Norwood

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Let A be an m × n, (0, 1)-matrix. A submatrix of A is odd if the sum of its entries is an odd integer and even otherwise. The maximum number of 2×2 odd submatrices in a (0, 1)-matrix is related to the existence of Hadamard matrices and bounds on Turán numbers. Pinelis [On the minimal number of even submatrices of 0-1 matrices, Designs, Codes and(More)
The Apprentices' Tower of Hanoi The Apprentices' Tower of Hanoi is introduced in this thesis. Several bounds are found in regards to optimal algorithms which solve the puzzle. Graph theoretic properties of the associated state graphs are explored. A brief summary of other Tower of Hanoi variants is also presented. 3 DEDICATION I dedicate this thesis to my(More)
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