Rick Mugridge

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Component-based software architectures are becoming increasingly popular solutions for use in a wide range of software applications. Particular areas in which these architectures may provide improved software development support include tool integration, distribution and collaborative work support, and human interaction and end-user configuration. However,(More)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems are used in many domains to support inter-organisational information exchange. These systems require complex message translation, where data must be transformed from one EDI message format into another. We describe a visual language and support environment which greatly simplify the task of the systems integrator by(More)
Test-driven development (TDD) has been proposed as a solution to improve testing in Industry and in academia. The purpose of this poster is to outline the challenges of teaching a novel Test-First approach in a Level 8 course on Software Testing. Traditionally, introductory programming and software testing courses teach a test-last approach. After the(More)
Pervasive business requires information brokers that support customer/supplier enterprise system interactions in sensible ways. We present a summary of our model for pervasive business: a virtual database used to aggregate information from parts of multiple enterprise systems. Aggregated data is typically managed by a brokering enterprise in a high(More)
We describe a collection of tools supporting the development of multiple view, JavaBeans based environments. The appearance and interactive behavious of graphical user interface components and editors is specified visually using BuildByWire, which generates JavaBeans component implementations. Multiple view, view consistency and cooperative work support is(More)