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1Lake Holiday
1Lake Wawasee
1Silver Peck
1Spirit Lake
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  • Sarah R Powers, William W Jones, Brown County, Quinn Hetherington, Cordry Lake, David Jarrett +186 others
  • 2012
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The chemical analysis of water samples is a labor-intensive process. The total phosphorus and chlorophyll a results in this report would not have been possible were it not for the capable help and skills of many SPEA graduate research assistants who conducted the analyses. Julia Bond provided GIS graphics assistance as well as much(More)
  • Rick Miller, Julian Ivanov, Choon Park, Kansas Geological Survey
  • 2004
ISSUE Unauthorized infiltration into the U.S. is possible through the air, from the sea, across the land, and under the ground. A variety of extremely efficient and effective detection and deterrent systems are available, in use, and/or under development that reasonably address illegal encroachment on U.S. territory through all these methods except from(More)
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