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The Database of Individual Patients' Experience of illness (DIPEx) is a multimedia website and CD-ROM that links patients' experiences with evidence-based information about treatments and the illness itself and with a range of other resources that may be useful, including support groups and links to other websites. DIPEx aims to identify the questions that(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand what leads men to choose 'watchful waiting' rather than active treatment for cancer of the prostate. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty men with confirmed prostate cancer in England, Wales and Scotland were interviewed about all aspects of their illness, for a Database of Individual Patients' Experience of illness. The sample included men(More)
BACKGROUND This prospective, observational cohort study was designed to determine the feasibility of implementing a reduced enteral fasting protocol in mechanically ventilated trauma patients undergoing selected operative and nonoperative procedures. METHODS Critically ill, mechanically ventilated trauma patients undergoing selected operative and(More)
The expansion of piñon-juniper woodlands the past 100 years in the western United States has resulted in large scale efforts to kill trees and recover sagebrush steppe rangelands. It is important to evaluate vegetation recovery following woodland control to develop best management practices. In this study, we compared two fuel reduction treatments and a(More)
BACKGROUND The Walgreens Connected Care Multiple Sclerosis (CCMS) treatment management program provides enhanced levels of monitoring, oversight, and care for patients taking MS disease-modifying agents. This study compared rates of adherence to MS medications for patients participating in the CCMS program for at least 6 months with those for patients(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared the quality of care in admitted febrile neutropenic cancer patients presenting through the emergency department (ED) vs those directly admitted (DA) from the clinic or infusion center. We hypothesized that the quality of care would be comparable between these 2 pathways. METHODS We conducted a retrospective, observational cohort(More)
Enhanced processing procedures on passive multichannel analysis of surface-waves (MASW) data were utilized to identify velocity anomalies above known salt solution voids in Hutchinson, Kansas, likely caused by the changing stress field due to the migration and/or expansion of the void. Previous geophysical studies within the study area provided information(More)