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OBJECTIVE The Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia (MGS2) project recruited an adult control sample of non-Hispanic European-ancestry (N=3,364) and African American (N=1,301) subjects. METHOD Subjects gave consent to deposit phenotypic data and blood samples into a repository for general research use, with full anonymization of the sample. The authors(More)
Many assay technologies have been developed and utilized to efficiently assay and screen against protein kinase targets. The radiometric assay format for assaying the protein kinase targets has been considered the "Gold Standard" format since it allows the direct readout of kinase functional activity and is a universal assay that is highly sensitive.(More)
BACKGROUND A growing body of evidence indicates that over-the-counter (OTC) access to oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) is safe and effective. STUDY DESIGN We performed a nationally representative survey of adult women at risk of unintended pregnancy using a probability-based online panel. In November-December 2011, 2046 eligible women completed the survey.(More)
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