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Alcohol and tobacco consumption are closely correlated and published results on their association with breast cancer have not always allowed adequately for confounding between these exposures. Over 80% of the relevant information worldwide on alcohol and tobacco consumption and breast cancer were collated, checked and analysed centrally. Analyses included(More)
The objective of the study was to investigate the impact of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) activation on interrenal steroidogenesis in rainbow trout. To this end, fish were fed AhR agonist (beta-naphthoflavone (BNF): 10 mg/kg body mass/day) and antagonist (alpha-naphthoflavone (ANF): 10 mg/kg body mass/day) either singly or in combination (ABNF) for 5 days(More)
A total of 506 women at moderate risk of preterm delivery were randomly allocated to either cervical cerclage or a control group. Significantly more women in the group allocated to cerclage were admitted to hospital for reasons other than the operation and more received oral tocolytic drugs. There were also more caesarean sections and more preterm(More)
Gonads of premetamorphosing larval (PML), transforming (TL) and newly metamorphosed (juvenile) sea lampreys (JL) (Petromyzon marinus) were incubated in vitro with tritiated pregnenolone ([(3)H]P(5)), progesterone ([(3)H]P(4)), and androstenedione ([(3)H]A(4)) to identify the major products of steroidogenesis in early developmental stages. Reverse-phase(More)
The expression of the pS2 gene, which is induced by estrogen in the breast cancer cell line MCF-7, has been investigated in breast cancers by using pS2 mRNA determination in tumor specimens and immunocytochemistry to identify pS2 protein in paraffin-embedded sections. Using these assays we show that determination of pS2 gene expression allows the definition(More)
The main purpose of the study was to identify the principal gonadal steroids synthesized by male and female sea lampreys, Petromyzon marinus. To achieve this, we used high performance liquid chromatography to separate the steroids in the serum of sexually mature animals, and to separate the steroids produced by gonadal tissue incubated in the presence of(More)
The relationship between the risk of breast cancer and oral contraceptive use was investigated in a case-control study conducted in France between 1983 and 1987 in five public hospitals. Some 464 cases aged 25 to 56 years and 542 matched controls were interviewed about their history of the use of oral contraceptives (OC). Results are given for the entire(More)
Follicular development was followed by echography during 18 menstrual cycles in 10 women volunteers. Results were correlated with changes in serum hormone levels, basal body temperature curves, and cervical mucus changes. The average follicular growth as measured from the time of echographic visualization was 0.3 cm/day. The diameter of the follicle(More)
E-cadherin (Epithelial-cadherin) is a subclass of the cadherin family that plays a major role in the maintenance of intercellular junctions in epithelial tissues. E-cadherin is also involved in the interactions between epithelial cells and T lymphocytes. In order to explore the relationship between E-cadherin expression, cancer invasion and metastases in(More)
The data from a French case-control study of 495 patients with breast cancer and 542 control subjects interviewed in five French public hospitals, were analyzed to assess the effect of reproductive factors (age at menarche, age at first full-term pregnancy, the time interval between these two ages, and parity) on the risk of breast cancer. Age at menarche,(More)