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Organophosphates in increasing amounts and wider varieties of molecular structure are being used to replace the organochlorine pesticides. It has been assumed that the organophosphates as a class would have a minimal chronic toxicity due to rapid hydrolysis and an unfavorable partitioning as regards to lipids. The physicochemical properties of a number of(More)
Many thousand organic compounds are in common use and new ones introduced daily. With many of these materials, little is known about their toxic hazard. For years scientists have been investigating the relation of structure and properties to biological activity. Among the factors relating to toxicity are bioaccumulation and persistence in the organism. In(More)
The sperm cells ofPatella coerulea (Patellacea),Monodonta turbinata, andGibbula tumida (Trochacea) were investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy. They belong to the primitive type (sensu Franzén) and have more features in common with primitive Bivalvia sperms than with Neritacea. Their head contains an apical acrosome and a roundish nucleus(More)
The Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment is a 3-unit (10cm × 10cm × 30cm) CubeSat funded by the National Science Foundation and constructed at the University of Colorado (CU). The CSSWE science instrument, the Relativistic Electron and Proton Telescope integrated little experiment (REPTile), provides directional differential flux(More)
The vapor loss of several PCB isomers from stainless steel planchets surfaces has been studied. Experiments were carried out under two different conditions. In one case, the vapor loss was observed from 2 molecular layers of PCB, while in the other series, the loss from approximately 200 molecular layers was observed. In both cases the loss of PCB from the(More)
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