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This paper provides a tutorial introduction to the constant modulus (CM) criterion for blind fractionally-spaced equalizer (FSE) design via a (stochastic) gradient descent algorithm such as the Constant Mod-ulus Algorithm. The topical divisions utilized in this tutorial can be used to help catalog the emerging literature on the CM criterion and on the(More)
The screening of common genetic polymorphisms among candidate genes for AIDS pathology in HIV exposed cohort populations has led to the description of 20 AIDS restriction genes (ARGs), variants that affect susceptibility to HIV infection or to AIDS progression. The combination of high-throughput genotyping platforms and the recent HapMap annotation of some(More)
This case report describes a laboratory-acquired infection with Treponema pallidum, Nichols strain. The specific details of the accidental exposure are presented, along with a description of the clinical observations. This infection indicates that the rabbit adapted Nichols strain of T pallidum retains its capability to infect humans. In addition, aerosols(More)
This paper develops a model of adaptive leadership, which is leadership that helps organizations adapt to new or existing realities. A manager provides adaptive leadership by exposing the organization to a novel experience that demonstrates that the firm's beliefs do not match reality. Exposure to the novel experience creates distress, which decreases(More)
Proposed relationships of DNA repair, mutation, and the process of generation of antibody diversity allow new insights into the mechanism of aging. Pathways of antibody development are reviewed with special attention to steps which generate diversity. The normal process of combinatorial fusion of V region gene segments (i.e. V, D, and J) coding for the(More)