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High-precision maneuvers at high angles-of-attack are not properly addressed by even the most advanced aircraft control systems. Here we present our control design procedure and indoor experimental results with a small fixed-wing autonomous glider which is capable of executing an aggressive high angle-of-attack maneuver in order to land on a perch. We first(More)
Birds routinely execute post-stall maneuvers with a speed and precision far beyond the capabilities of our best aircraft control systems. One remarkable example is a bird exploiting post-stall pressure drag in order to rapidly decelerate to land on a perch. Stall is typically associated with a loss of control authority, and it is tempting to attribute this(More)
Kinodynamic planning algorithms like Rapidly-Exploring Randomized Trees (RRTs) hold the promise of finding feasible trajectories for rich dynamical systems with complex, non-convex constraints. In practice, these algorithms perform very well on configuration space planning, but struggle to grow efficiently in systems with dynamics or differential(More)
Birds have the impressive ability to gracefully 'swim' through the air while executing aer-obatic maneuvers that routinely defy modern aeronautical and control engineering, consistently reminding us that the skies are truly their playground. Many of these animals are masters at exploiting post-stall pressure drag to execute maneuvers with unprecedented(More)
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