Rick D. Rheinhardt

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Quantitative vegetational data of canopy and woody subcanopy species (two life-forms adapted to occupy different strata at maturity) were compared with data collected in two temperate forest ecosystems to determine whether they exhibit a similar pattern of distribution. Tidal freshwater swamps (21 stands) and southern Appalachian forests (19 stands) were(More)
The relationship between ground-water fluctuations and the canopy compositions of five tidal freshwater swamps were examined. Tide gauge data were compared with measured ground-water fluctuations to assess the role of tides in driving the hydrologic regimes of tidal swamps. Flooding in tidal swamps was found to be closely associated with high tides. As the(More)
EPA Grant Number: R-82868401 Subproject: 001 Center: The Atlantic Slope Consortium––Developing Ecological Indicators for Aquatic Ecosystems of the Atlantic Slope Region Center Director: Robert Brooks Title: Integrated Assessment of Estuarine Ecosystems Investigators: Dennis Whigham, Charles Gallegos, Mark Brinson, Kirk Havens, Anson Hines, Peter Marra, Rick(More)
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