Rick Csiernik

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Shelter data in a recent study revealed discharges from psychiatric facilities to shelters or the street occurred at least 194 times in 2002 in London, Ontario, Canada. This problem must be addressed to reduce the disastrous effects of such discharge, including re-hospitalization and prolonged homelessness. An intervention was developed and tested to(More)
This qualitative study explored experiences of psychiatric consumer-survivors related to housing. Nine focus groups involving 90 people were conducted in urban and rural areas in South-Western Ontario. A set of open-ended questions was used. Many participants described a devastating experience of losing much of what was important to them and going through a(More)
Relatively little is understood concerning the role of gender in persons with a history of mental illness residing in the community. This paper aims to explore gender's effect using data from the Community Research University Alliance project entitled, Mental Health and Housing. The primary five-year longitudinal study examined housing situations for(More)
The study examined rural housing and homelessness issues and looked at similarities and differences between rural and urban areas. It involved a secondary analysis of focus group data collected in a 2001-06 Community University Research Alliance study of mental health and housing. The findings highlight concerns regarding the lack of services, which can(More)
Despite our increasing knowledge of the complexity of concurrent disorders the majority of research has involved either institutionalized or specific clinical populations and there have been limited opportunities to directly examine issues at the community level particularly if any differences exist between women and men. Using four standardized(More)
There exists a disconnection between evolving policies in the policy arenas of mental health, housing, and income support in Canada. One of the complexities associated with analysing the intersection of these policies is that federal, provincial, and municipal level policies are involved. Canada is one of the few developed countries without a national(More)
As with any protocol involving both humans and animals, there were inherent risks with this research. These risks were minimized through the participant screening process which assessed for animal allergies and fears for particular animal species. Participants were selected for their interest in animals which reduced the risk for the participant to(More)
A 3-month study of 94 clients at a supported employment agency in London, Ontario, examined the significance of appointment choice in successful job placement. Clients who had been in conflict with the law were least likely to be appointment compliant, while social assistance recipients mandated to attend were the most likely to put off their initial agency(More)
Substance use is common among homeless and precariously housed youth, yet few longitudinal studies track their usage over time. This paper analyzes data from a study of 187 youth and reports on their substance usage in the preceding month, year, and over their lifetime. The results are compared within the sample by sex and against a sample of similarly(More)
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