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To study the effects of androgen replacement therapy on muscle mass and strength and bone turnover markers in hypogonadal men, we administered sublingual testosterone (T) cyclodextrin (SLT; 5 mg, three times daily) to 67 hypogonadal men (baseline serum T, < 8.4 nmol/L) recruited from 4 centers in the U.S.: Torrance (n = 34), Durham (n = 12), New York (n =(More)
This article reports a case of digital intraarticular envenomation from a T. flavomaculatus mcgregori pit viper resulting in severe joint damage. Bites by these snakes are rare in the U.S.A. since this species is only found in collections and zoos. Intraarticular envenomations from crotalids are rare and may result in joint destruction.
STUDY OBJECTIVE To characterize the clinical effects of acute isolated aripiprazole poisonings and to assess the toxic dose of this drug. METHODS All isolated acute aripiprazole exposures reported to a poison control system from January 2002 through September 2006 were retrospectively reviewed. Patients with incomplete information or those lost to(More)
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