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OBJECT Cranial nerve injuries, particularly motor nerve injuries, following carotid endarterectomy (CEA) can be disabling and therefore patients should be given reliable information about the risks of sustaining such injuries. The reported frequency of cranial nerve injury in the published literature ranges from 3 to 23%, and there have been few series in(More)
This paper investigates the relation between policymakers' term length and their willingness to support economic reforms. We describe a model in which office-motivated legislators have mandates of different length and consider the introduction of a trade liberalization reform, which gives rise to distributional effects that only become known over time.(More)
We develop a two-country, two-sector model of trade where the only difference between the two countries is their distribution of human capital endowments. We show that even if the two countries have identical aggregate endowments the pattern of trade depends on the properties of the two human capital distributions. We also show that the two distributions of(More)
and Grégoire Rota-Graziosi for comments and remarks on an earlier draft of this paper. Abstract: International agreements about transnational issues are difficult to reach, as the examples of the Copenhagen summit or the never-ending discussions of the future of the European Union make clear. In this paper we relate this difficulty to the political process(More)
This paper considers the interdependence between international financial markets, privatization, and strategic trade policies. We describe an economy where portfolio allocations chosen by risk-averse agents reflect diversification incentives, and we incorporate rational forecasts of future trade policies. Assuming a government responsive to the policy(More)
Although disputes are typically treated as synonymous with concerns about enforcement in economic models of trade agreements, in reality most WTO disputes seem to concern the interpretation of vague provisions, or instances where the agreement is silent. And some have suggested that the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) could usefully grant exceptions to(More)
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