Rick Bond

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Previous empirical work on the determinants of preferential trade agreement (PTA) membership assumes a country's PTA participation to leave other countries' willingness to participate unaffected. More precisely, the presumption is that new PTAs do neither influence the formation of other new PTAs in the future nor do they affect the subsequent enlargement(More)
We develop a symmetric two country model of foreign direct investment (FDI) that captures the internalization decision and its implications for both the rate and magnitude of innovations. When mode choice (licensing versus FDI) is ¯xed, a subsidy to multinational production increases the rate but decreases the size of innovations. When mode can switch, the(More)
OBJECT Cranial nerve injuries, particularly motor nerve injuries, following carotid endarterectomy (CEA) can be disabling and therefore patients should be given reliable information about the risks of sustaining such injuries. The reported frequency of cranial nerve injury in the published literature ranges from 3 to 23%, and there have been few series in(More)
This paper infers the terms of trade effects of the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) of the 1990s. Using panel data methods to resolve two way causality between trade and FTAs, we estimate large FTA effects on bilateral trade volume in 2 digit manufacturing goods from 1990-2002. We deduce the terms of trade changes implied by these volume effects for 40(More)
This paper investigates the relation between policymakers' term length and their willingness to support economic reforms. We describe a model in which office-motivated legislators have mandates of different length and consider the introduction of a trade liberalization reform, which gives rise to distributional effects that only become known over time.(More)
Conference on Recent Advances in International Economics for comments on earlier drafts. We are happy to make available the Gauss programs that are at the heart of the simulations reported below. Abstract This paper examines whether comparative advantage is the long-run outcome of an evolutionary process in the open economy. It formalizes the notion that(More)
To examine the e®ects of international investment agreements, suppose that ¯rms from two source countries invest in a host country. An increase in the tax faced by ¯rms from one source decreases foreign direct investment (FDI) from that source and increases FDI from the other. When free to discriminate, the host country imposes a larger tax on(More)
This paper develops a technology assimilation framework to explain how domestic …rms uncover global technologies under limited technique availability and production ‡exibility. We construct a micro-founded measure of endogenous total factor productivity (TFP) based on the interaction of stage-dependent local knowledge of a country with advanced foreign(More)
This paper presents a new theory of trade policy-making based on the possibility of social unrest, and determines the conditions under which it will apply. In a setting where democracy functions badly and property rights are poorly enforced, the paper shows that the Stolper-Samuelson theorem embodies a set of su¢ cient conditions for a revolution to occur.(More)