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The problem of predicting links or interactions between objects in a network, is an important task in network analysis. Along this line, link prediction between co-authors in a co-author network is a frequently studied problem. In most of these studies, authors are considered in a homogeneous network, \i.e., only one type of objects(author type) and one(More)
Human-robot social interaction plays an important role in spreading the use of the robot in human daily life. Through effective social interaction, robots will be able to perform many tasks in the human society. These tasks may include, but not limited to, handling various house duties, providing medical care for elderly people, assisting people with motor(More)
The problem of extracting structured data (<i>i.e</i>. lists, record sets, tables, etc.) from the Web has been traditionally approached by taking into account either the underlying markup structure of a Web page or the visual structure of the Web page. However, empirical results show that considering the HTML structure and visual cues of a Web page(More)
The availability of rich data from sources such as the World Wide Web, social media, and sensor streams is giving rise to a range of applications that rely on a clean, consistent, and integrated database built over these sources. Human input, or crowd-sourcing, is an effective tool to help produce such high-quality data. It is infeasible, however, to(More)
In this paper, we use the structural and relational information on the Web to find entity-pages. Specifically, given a Web site and an entity-page (e.g., department and faculty member homepage) we seek to find all of the entity-pages of the same type (e.g., all faculty members in the department). To do this, we propose a web structure mining method which(More)
The discovery and extraction of general lists on the Web continues to be an important problem facing theWeb mining community. There have been numerous studies that claim to automatically extract structured data (i.e. lists, record sets, tables, etc.) from the Web for various purposes. Our own recent experiences have shown that the list-finding methods used(More)
We consider the problem of automatically extracting general lists from the web. Existing approaches are mostly dependent upon either the underlying HTML markup or the visual structure of the Web page. We present HyLiEn an unsupervised, Hybrid approach for automatic List discovery and Extraction on the Web. It employs general assumptions about the visual(More)
This paper presents an approach to building innovative environments for mobile robotics education. The proposed approach can be used to create new courses or to update existing courses that are currently taught in a traditional way. It has been successfully used to build an innovative teaching environment in the field of indoor mobile robotics at Carlos III(More)
In the interaction between humans and robots it is necessary a mechanism to specify robot's tasks. One of them, is to define the sequence of tasks to do using a language that the robot is able to interpret and perform. The AD architecture, used in this work for the control of the mobile robot, uses task sequencing in its two abstraction levels: automatic(More)
During the navigation, the event detection is an important issue, because the success of a task depends on it. In this work the authors show a sonar sensorial device which detects door lintels. The system consists of a sonar aiming to the roof and a software module called virtual sonar. The goal of this device is to proportionate additional information to a(More)