Rick Anderson

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BACKGROUND Substance misuse is a common comorbid problem in people presenting with first-episode psychosis and is associated with a poor short-term outcome. AIMS The aim of this study is to examine differences in baseline characteristics and 1-year outcome between individuals with first-episode psychosis who have never misused substances, those who stop(More)
One dimension of mathematics learning is developing an identity as a mathematics learner. The social learning theories of Gee (2001) and Wenger (1998) serve as a basis for the discussion four " faces " of identity: engagement, imagination, alignment, and nature. A study conducted with 54 rural high school students, with half enrolled in a mathematics(More)
The Cambridge laboratory became operational in 1988 and is located at One Kendall Square, near MIT. CRL engages in computing research to extend the state of the computing art in areas likely to be important to Digital and its customers in future years. CRL's main focus is applications technology; that is, the creation of knowledge and tools useful for the(More)
After the devastating tsunami in 2011, DYIers in Japan built their own devices to detect radiation levels, then posted their finding on the Internet. Right now, thousands of people worldwide are tracking environmental conditions with monitoring devices they’ve built themselves. You can do it too!This inspiring guide shows you how to use Arduino to create(More)