Rick Anderson

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BACKGROUND Substance misuse is a common comorbid problem in people presenting with first-episode psychosis and is associated with a poor short-term outcome. AIMS The aim of this study is to examine differences in baseline characteristics and 1-year outcome between individuals with first-episode psychosis who have never misused substances, those who stop(More)
Recent versions of Rdb VMS have shown dramatic performance increases compared with earlier versions Performance enhancements have culminated in an improvement between Rdb VMS V and Rdb VMS V when executing on the same hardware This has vaulted Rdb VMS to an industry leadership position in TPS and to a very competitive position in peak TPS While code paths(More)
1 Indie rock is a genre of popular music presently attaining more commercial appeal and academic investigation than at any point in its relatively short history. The term " indie rock " was first introduced around 1980 in the United Kingdom where the first charts for independent artists were compiled. 2 The genre remains somewhat vaguely defined, but its(More)
2212 When it comes to library collections, it is critical that we not confuse means with ends. The purpose of the library is not to have a great collection; the purpose of the library is to meet the teaching, learning, and research needs of those it was established to serve. The collection is a tool that we use in pursuit of that goal, but it is not the(More)
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