Richton Yee

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate quantitative measures of eye movements as possible biomarkers in prediagnostic and early stages of Huntington disease (HD). METHODS The study sample (n = 215) included individuals both at risk and recently diagnosed with HD. All participants completed a uniform clinical evaluation which included administration of the Unified(More)
BACKGROUND Establishing a diagnosis in patients with unexplained syncope is complicated by infrequent and unpredictable events. Prolonged monitoring may be an alternative strategy to conventional testing with short-term monitoring and provocative tilt and electrophysiological testing. METHODS AND RESULTS Sixty patients (aged 66+/-14 years, 33 male) with(More)
Little has been written concerning the surgical treatment of pregnant patients with pseudotumor cerebri. We present four cases of pregnant women who underwent lumboperitoneal shunt placement during pregnancy for progressive visual loss despite maximal medical therapy. The intraperitoneal pressure measured during surgery was significantly less than the(More)
Estimates of the California food stamp participation rate by the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service (USDA/FNS) are significantly biased downwards because they do not appropriately consider two distinctive features of California: its large population of ineligible immigrants and the fact that Supplemental Security Income (SSI)(More)
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