Richmond J. Baker

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An 81-year-old man with a 3-year history of dysphagia underwent endoscopic resection of a 1-cm-diameter distal esophageal mass. Examination revealed a submucosal neoplasm with a circumscribed growth pattern composed of tubules, cysts, and papillae in association with a marked interstitial lymphoid infiltrate. The cyst lumens and papillae were lined by two(More)
Uterine mesenchymal neoplasms with sex-cord-like elements are designated as endometrial stromal tumor with sex-cord-like elements (ESTSCLE) or uterine tumor resembling ovarian sex-cord tumor (UTROSCT), depending on the extent of sex-cord-like differentiation. Occasionally, sex-cord elements similar to those in ESTSCLE and UTROSCT occur in uterine(More)
A new radiotracer, 99mTc-imidodiphosphate, has been investigated in a series of 101 consecutive admissions to a Coronary Care Unit in a large teaching hospital to assess its potential as an acute myocardial infarct imaging agent. This agent shows high sensitivity for transmural infarction (0.96), subendocardial infarction (0.88) and high overall specificity(More)
A 25-year-old man developed nephrotic syndrome and severe hypertension following occupational exposure to mercury vapor whilst working at a fluorescent light factory. A renal biopsy confirmed minimal-change disease on light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. He was also noted to be polycythemic which was initially treated with(More)
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