Richardj Zaino

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Histological changes in dermis and dermal-fat grafts have been hampered by the lack of a defined boundary to allow precise localization. We describe a model in which grafts of skin components were coated with india ink and implanted over the perichondrium of pigs' ears. Histological studies were then performed at 2-weekly intervals for 10 weeks. The(More)
We studied a case of Sturge-Weber syndrome in a 66-year-old woman, who displayed associated angiomas of the thyroid gland and choroid plexi and leptomeningeal melanosis. These findings are discussed in light of the proposed pathogenesis of the syndrome and its relationship to the other neuroectodermal dysplasias.
The hypothesis that 17/8-estradiol or tamoxifen (TAM) can potentiate clinical response of endometrial cancer treated with progestin was tested in an ovariectomized nude mouse system, using a sex steroid receptor-positive and a receptor-negative human endometrial carcinoma. Animals were divided into three groups: control; 170-estradiol-treated; and(More)
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