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This paper explores the collocational behaviour and semantic prosody of near synonyms from a cross-linguistic perspective. The importance of these concepts to language learning is well recognized. Yet while collocation and semantic prosody have recently attracted much interest from researchers studying the English language, there has been little work done(More)
Preface The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (LCMC) addresses an increasing need within the research community for a publicly available balanced corpus of Mandarin Chinese. LCMC has been constructed as part of a research project undertaken by the Linguistics Department, Lancaster University. The corpus is designed as a Chinese match of the Freiburg-LOB(More)
This article explores negation in Chinese on the basis of written and spoken corpora of Mandarin Chinese. The use of corpus data not only reveals central tendencies in language based on quantitative data, it also provides typical examples attested in authentic contexts. In this study we will first discuss negation variants in general terms, on the basis of(More)
This article takes the multi-dimensional (MD) analysis approach to explore the textual variations between native and non-native English abstracts on the basis of a balanced corpus containing English abstracts written by native English and native Chinese writers from twelve academic disciplines. A total of 47 out of 163 linguistic features are retained after(More)
Contrastive research of English and Chinese, particularly in mainland China, has attracted great attention since the late 1970s. Corpus-Based Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese makes an important contribution to this body of work. Richard Xiao and Tony McEnery provide an examination of a number of grammatical categories, including aspect markers,(More)
Provided it works and provided you are not an Eskimo, a refrigerator is a great invention. The logic behind this simple (or simplistic) observation might also be applied when reviewing a book: first of all does it prove to be useful for the target audience and secondly, does it 'work'? This review will revolve around answering these basic questions. The(More)