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Brachial artery ultrasound is commonly employed for noninvasive assessment of endothelial function. However, analysis is observer dependent and susceptible to errors. We describe studies on a computerized edge-detection and wall-tracking software program to allow more accurate and reproducible measurement. In study 1, three purpose-built Perspex phantom(More)
BACKGROUND Carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) measured by B-mode ultrasonography is a marker of atherosclerosis and is commonly used as an outcome in intervention trials. We have developed DICOM-based software that measures CIMT rapidly on multiple end-diastolic image frames. The aims of this study were to compare the performance of our new software with(More)
BACKGROUND Several new techniques exist for measuring arterial stiffness, but their association with central pulse wave velocity (PWV), an established measure of central arterial stiffness, has not been compared in the same study. The aim of this study was to compare the agreement of the new techniques with central PWV. METHODS Fifteen men with coronary(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess possible associations between anticholinergic drug exposure and serum anticholinergic activity (SAA) and their capacities to predict all-cause mortality in older hospitalized patients. SETTING Academic medical center. PARTICIPANTS AND MEASUREMENTS Data on clinical characteristics, full medication exposure, SAA, and 4 anticholinergic(More)
The chemical form and bioavailability of dietary selenium may influence its protectiveness against colorectal cancer. Selenium is readily incorporated into milk proteins by feeding cows with selenized-yeast. This study examined whether a dairy source of organic selenium (as milk proteins) is more effective than a yeast source at inhibiting oncogenesis in(More)
Dietary supplementation of selenium and green tea holds promise in cancer prevention. In this study, we evaluated the efficacies of selenium and green tea administered individually and in combination against colorectal cancer in an azoxymethane (AOM)-induced rat colonic carcinogenesis model and determined the underlying mechanisms of the protection.(More)
BACKGROUND Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular (CV) disease. However, the individual impact of traditional CV risk factors in RA is unknown. OBJECTIVE To assess the strength of the association between individual CV risk factors and rate of either myocardial infarction (MI), combined CV morbidity (MI, angina pectoris,(More)
Stigmatisation towards depression has previously been reported amongst medical students from a variety of backgrounds. This study explored personal and perceived stigmas associated with depression, and their relationship with demographics, knowledge of depression, levels of personal stress and history of medical illness amongst Australian-trained medical(More)
OBJECTIVES We hypothesise that rising prevalence rates of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) increase infection risk and worsen outcomes among socially disadvantaged Indigenous Australians undergoing a rapid epidemiological transition. DESIGN Available pathology, imaging and discharge morbidity codes were retrospectively reviewed for a period of 5 years(More)
BACKGROUND Patients who relapse after potentially curative surgery for colorectal cancer tend to relapse within 5 years. There is, however, a group of patients who relapse beyond 5 years after resection and this late relapsing group may have a different behaviour and prognosis. METHODS We analysed data from a prospective population-based registry to(More)