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Guardian: A prototype intelligent agent for intensive-care monitoring
We have developed an experimental system called Guardian, which exhibits several of the required capabilities and utilizes an underlying architecture hypothesized to support the full range of required capabilities. Expand
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Input Data Management in Real-Time AI Systems
A real-time AI system in the real world needs to monitor an immense volume of data. Expand
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Intelligent Monitoring and Control
We propose a generic architecture, designed and implemented in layers: top-level system organization; reasoning architecture; generic reasoning skills and knowledge representation; first-principles knowledge of physical systems; domain knowledge. Expand
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Distributing Intelligence within an Individual
Distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) refers to systems in which decentralized, cooperative agents work synergistically to perform a task. Expand
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Incremental abstraction planning for limited-time situations
We have developed an approach to incremental planning that adapts to a changing environment, while at the same time taking advantage of a temporal representation and multiple levels of abstraction. Expand
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Systemes et procedes pour le traitement d'images de resolutions multiples
L'invention concerne des systemes et des procedes pour le traitement d'images par des interfaces de transmission limitee en largeur de bande, tel que le traitement d'images video haute definition parExpand