Richard Wang

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Today’s data centers host online services on multiple servers, with a front-end load balancer directing each client request to a particular replica. Dedicated load balancers are expensive and quickly become a single point of failure and congestion. The OpenFlow standard enables an alternative approach where the commodity network switches divide traffic over(More)
RATIONALE Mitochondria are semiautonomous cellular organelles with their own genome, which not only supply energy but also participate in cell death pathways. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are usually 19 to 25 nt long, noncoding RNAs, involved in posttranscriptional gene regulation by binding to the 3'-untranslated regions of target mRNA, which impact on diverse(More)
Governments and foundations have successfully harnessed tournaments to spur innovation. Yet this tool is not widely used by firms. We offer a framework for managers seeking to organize tournaments for ideas. We present the theoretical underpinnings of tournaments. We then connect the theory with three recent innovations—the power of the network, the wisdom(More)
RNA isolation and purification steps greatly influence the results of gene expression profiling. There are two commercially available products for whole blood RNA collection, PAXgene™ and Tempus™ blood collection tubes, and each comes with their own RNA purification method. In both systems the blood is immediately lysed when collected into the tube and RNA(More)
MOTIVATION As the use of microarrays in human studies continues to increase, stringent quality assurance is necessary to ensure accurate experimental interpretation. We present a formal approach for microarray quality assessment that is based on dimension reduction of established measures of signal and noise components of expression followed by parametric(More)
-To fight terrorism successfully, the quality of data must be considered to avoid garbage-in-garbage-out. Research has shown that data quality (DQ) goes beyond accuracy to include dimensions such as believability, timeliness, and accessibility. In collecting, processing, and analyzing a much broader array of data than we do currently, therefore, a(More)
Recent research in information quality management concluded that firms must manage information as a product, and that the entire information manufacturing system must be managed in order to enable firms to assure delivery of information products with high quality. In this paper, we report a longitudinal case study in a major hospital on how data production(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify transcriptomic biomarkers of coronary heart disease (CHD) in 188 cases with CHD and 188 age- and sex-matched controls who were participants in the Framingham Heart Study. APPROACH AND RESULTS A total of 35 genes were differentially expressed in cases with CHD versus controls at false discovery rate<0.5, including GZMB, TMEM56, and(More)
CMDragons 2015 is the champion of the RoboCup Small Size League of autonomous robot soccer. The team won all of its six games, scoring a total of 48 goals and conceding 0. This unprecedented dominant performance is the result of various features, but we particularly credit our novel offense multi-robot coordination. This paper thus presents our Selectively(More)