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BACKGROUND Chest injuries are seen with increasing frequency in urban hospitals. The profile of chest injuries depends on the size of the hospital and the level of trauma center. The data regarding the true incidence of chest trauma are scant. METHODS One thousand three hundred fifty-nine consecutive patients seen at a Level I trauma center were analyzed.(More)
The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether or not the family-planning compliance patterns of indigent adolescents could be influenced by various types of incentives. From February 1988 through January 1989, 534 postpartum inner city teenagers, aged 12-19, who delivered at a large city-county public hospital, participated. Teens were randomly(More)
This study compares the first year's health, neurodevelopmental status, and environment of infants of drug-dependent mothers attending methadone programs during pregnancy with those of drug-dependent mothers not enrolled in treatment programs (untreated). Both groups were also compared with drug-free controls. During pregnancy, the use of heroin and other(More)
We have previously reported that endothelium-dependent, nitric oxide (NO)-mediated vasorelaxation is impaired in diabetic mesenteric arteries. We hypothesized that vasoconstrictor responses should therefore be enhanced. The purpose of this study was to determine whether diabetic mesenteric arteries exhibit increased vasoconstrictor responses, and to(More)
Calcium is a divalent cation which acts both as a cofactor for critical protein function and as a "second signal" to trigger cytosol events after membrane depolarization. The presence of calcium is critical to T-lymphocyte function. Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker at the membrane level and may affect cytosol calcium-calmodulin as well. Verapamil(More)
The mesenteric and intestinal blood flow is organized and regulated to support normal intestinal function, and the regulation of blood flow is, in part, determined by intestinal function itself. In the process of the development and adaptation of the intestinal mucosa for the support of the digestive processes and host defense mechanisms, and the muscle(More)
The propensity for renal failure associated with obstructive jaundice and liver disease may be related to enhanced vasoconstriction of the renal vascular bed with resultant decreases in renal blood flow. Renal sympathetic nervous activity may be a mediator of this effect. The increased renal production of prostaglandins which has been observed in previous(More)
One recent report has prompted concern that surgical residents are no longer concerned in providing trauma care as a significant portion of their careers. In 1986, we linked our trauma and critical care services. We surveyed all chief residents who finished in the past 10 years, comparing the 5 years before the linking of trauma and critical care to the(More)
Marital status, contraception, desire for pregnancy, and social support relationships were analyzed by ethnicity for a group of pregnant and postpartum adolescents. Although no significant differences were found among ethnic groups for birth control information and use, the desire for pregnancy, grouped by marital status at conception, was significantly(More)
The effectiveness of chemotherapy is limited by drugs' resistance and toxicity to normal host cells. Verapamil increases the cytotoxicity of the Vinca alkaloids and doxorubicin hydrochloride (Adriamycin) in tissue culture. In this experiment the effect of verapamil (VER) on the cytotoxicity of vincristine sulfate (VCR) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) was studied(More)