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The Camel and the Wheel
Why, for many centuries, was the wheel abandoned in the Middle East in favor of the camel as a means of transport? This richly illustrated study explains this anomaly. Drawing on archaeology, art,Expand
Hunters, herders, and hamburgers : the past and future of human-animal relationships
1 - Postdomesticity: Our Lives with Animals2 - The Stages of Human-Animal Relations 3 - Separation: The Human-Animal Divide4 - Predomesticity 5 - Where the Tame Things Are6 - Domestication andExpand
Conversion to Islam in the Medieval Period: An Essay in Quantitative History
THE ALEXIAD OF ANNA COMNENA THE PRAYERS AND MEDITATIONS OF Anna Comnena. Translated by E. R. A. Sewter SAINT ANSELM Byzantine historian Anna Comnena's biograTranslated and introduced by BenedictaExpand
The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization
PrefaceChapter 1. Islamo-Christian CivilizationChapter 2. What Went On?Chapter 3. Looking for Love in All the Wrong PlacesChapter 4. The Edge of the FutureAppendixWorks Cited
The Venture of Islam
Cotton, Climate, and Camels in Early Islamic Iran: A Moment in World History
Preface1. How to Identify a Cotton Boom2. Islam and Cotton3. The Big Chill4. Of Turks and Camels5. A Moment in World HistoryIndex
The Age Structure of Medieval Islamic Education
problematic. (') This lacuna in our knowledge is particularly regrettable because it deprives the researcher engaged in the study of a single medieval intellectual figure of a background againstExpand
Reform or revolution
Mr. Chairman and Workingmen of Boston: I have got into the habit of putting two and two together, and drawing my conclusions. When I was invited to come to Boston, the invitation reached me at aboutExpand