Richard W. Yarnell

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Managing natural resources often depends on influencing people's behaviour, however effectively targeting interventions to discourage environmentally harmful behaviours is challenging because those involved may be unwilling to identify themselves. Non-sensitive indicators of sensitive behaviours are therefore needed. Previous studies have investigated(More)
Recent technological advances in Global Positioning System (GPS) telemetry have allowed the production of lightweight devices suitable for use on small mammals. We evaluated the use of GPS bugs on the European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in a series of static and field tests. Static tests were conducted in five different rural habitats, affording(More)
Cape vulture Gyps coprotheres populations have declined across their range due to multiple anthropogenic threats. Their susceptibility to fatal collisions with the expanding power line network and the prevalence of carcasses contaminated with illegal poisons and other threats outside protected areas are thought to be the primary drivers of declines in(More)
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