Richard W. Valachovic

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The 1999 publication of the American Association of Dental Schools (AADS) President s Task Force on Future Dental School Faculty revealed a crisis in the shortages of dental school faculty. Stakeholders from around the nation have used the AADS Task Force report to address the crisis. In addressing one of the AADS Task Force recommendations, the American(More)
The U.S. surgeon general defined the national oral health care crisis in 2001 in Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General. The report concluded that the public infrastructure for oral health is not sufficient to meet the needs of disadvantaged groups and is disproportionately available depending upon certain racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic(More)
The second in a series of perspectives from the ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education (CCI), this article presents the CCI's view of the dental education environment necessary for effective change. The article states that the CCI's purpose is related to leading and building consensus in the dental community to foster a continuous(More)
Academic dentists and members of the practice community have been hearing, for more than a decade, that our educational system is in trouble and that the profession has lost its vision and may be wavering in the achievement of its goals. A core of consistently recommended reforms has framed the discussion of future directions for dental education, but as(More)
In long-term investigations involving a large number of study participants, it is frequently necessary to employ the use of multiple examiners who must exhibit high levels of inter- and intra-examiner reliability in order to minimize examiner bias, which can distort scientific findings. This report on the calibration of four examiners in a large project(More)
This 2009 study of dental school curricula follows a similar one conducted in 2002-03. Through a web-based survey, the authors gathered information from dental schools about 1) past trends in curricular change over seven years; 2) current changes under way in dental school curricula; 3) significant challenges to curricular innovation; and 4) projected(More)
Academic dental institutions are the fundamental underpinning of the nation's oral health. Education, research, and patient care are the cornerstones of academic dentistry that form the foundation upon which the dental profession rises to provide care to the public. The oral health status of Americans has improved dramatically over the past twenty-five to(More)
The 1999 Report of the AADS President's Task Force on the Future of Dental School Faculty (1) drew attention to the situation dental schools are experiencing in attracting and retaining faculty. A year 2000 ADEA Association Report on faculty shortages indicated the number of vacant budgeted positions was approaching 400 (2). The year 2000 - 2001 ADEA survey(More)