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  • R T Wood, C E Antonescu, S A Arndt, C L Britton, S A Brown-Vanhoozer, J A Calvert +26 others
  • 2003
This report presents the findings from a survey of emerging technologies in the field of instrumentation and controls (I&C). The report (1) gives an overview of the state-of-the-art in selected technology focus areas for industrial, research, or scientific applications that are relevant to nuclear power plant I&C systems, (2) identifies significant(More)
Pairs of nonneoplastic and spontaneously transformed neoplastic cells were derived from rat, mouse and hamster embryos. The neoplastic cells of each pair had poorly spread cellular morphology, grew in agarose in vitro and produced invasive sarcomas in vivo; the nonneoplastic cells exhibited none of these properties. The distribution of microtubules and(More)
A tensor description of perturbative Einsteinian gravity about an arbitrary background space-time is developed. By analogy with the covariant laws of electromagnetism in spacetime, gravito-electromagnetic potentials are defined to emulate the gauge transformations of electromagnetic potentials under substitutions belonging to the gauge symmetry group of(More)
Electromagnetic properties of a simple polarisable medium may be parameterised in terms of a constitutive tensor whose properties can in principle be determined by experiments in non-inertial (accelerating) frames and in the presence of weak but variable gravitational fields. After establishing some geometric notation, discussion is given to basic concepts(More)
The form of the phenomenological stress-energy-momentum tensor for the electromagnetic field in a class of inhomogeneous, anisotropic magneto-electric media is calculated from first principles, leading to a coherent understanding of the phenomenological stresses and energy-momentum exchanges induced by electromagnetic interactions with such matter in terms(More)
We argue that a spontaneous breakdown of local Weyl invariance offers a mechanism in which gravitational interactions contribute to the generation of particle masses and their electric charge. The theory is formulated in terms of a spacetime geometry whose natural connection has both dynamic torsion and non-metricity. Its structure illuminates the role of(More)