Richard W. Phillips

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Research on the evolution and adaptive significance of primate craniofacial morphologies has focused on adult, fully developed individuals. Here, we investigate the possible relationship between the local stress environment arising from masticatory loadings and the emergence of the supraorbital torus in the developing face of the crab-eating macaque Macaca(More)
Brucella abortus, a mammalian pathogen, and Rhizobium meliloti, a phylogenetically related plant symbiont, establish chronic infections in their respective hosts. Here a highly conserved B. abortus homolog of the R. meliloti bacA gene, which encodes a putative cytoplasmic membrane transport protein required for symbiosis, was identified. An isogenic B.(More)
  • Competition, Hae Won, Jung, Conrad Ciccotello, Martin Grace, Lixin Huang +1 other
  • 2011
I study how the distribution of CEO talent and that of CEO compensation vary across industries , and how product market characteristics affect these distributions. I develop a general equilibrium model that incorporates the competitive assignment of CEOs to firms in a framework in which firms engage in imperfect product market—specifically,(More)