Richard W Patrick

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A population of lymphoid cells from several animal species, including man, was identified through a membrane receptor which binds sheep red blood cells treated with antibody and complement. When cells from different lymphoid organs were incubated with EAC at 37 degrees C, only part of the lymphocytes (named CRL) bound EAC and formed rosettes, and this(More)
The effect of bretylium and guanethidine has been studied on the uptake and the spontaneous and reserpine-induced release of [(3)H]-noradrenaline in the rat heart and in the splenic nerve endings of the cat. Bretylium and guanethidine inhibited the uptake by the heart of circulating [(3)H]-noradrenaline. Bretylium blocked spontaneous and reserpine-induced(More)
Emergency responders cannot pick and choose their patients, who come in all shapes and sizes. As lifestyles continue to change, EMS can expect the number of obese and morbidly obese patients to increase. Now is the time to plan. Innovate, initiate and implement engineering controls and safe work practices for providers to use when the everyday call is(More)
It is important to understand that the issues surrounding bioterrorism and all weapons of mass destruction are complex. In an effort to enhance response to such events, EMS should handle all incidents from the perspective of an all-hazards approach. Prevention, preparation, response and recovery are essential to the safe mitigation of all incidents.(More)