Richard W. Newton

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OBJECTIVES To identify all patients with diabetes in a community using electronic record linkage of multiple data sources and to compare this method of case ascertainment with registers of diabetic patients derived from primary care. DESIGN Electronic capture-recapture linkage of records included data on all patients attending hospital diabetes clinics,(More)
The TTX-sensitive Na(v)1.7 (PN1) Na(+) channel alpha subunit protein is expressed mainly in small dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurones. This study examines immunocytochemically whether it is expressed exclusively or preferentially in nociceptive primary afferent DRG neurones, and determines the electrophysiological properties of neurones that express it.(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate patterns of self monitoring of blood glucose concentration in diabetic patients who use insulin and to determine whether frequency of self monitoring is related to glycaemic control. SETTING Diabetes database, Tayside, Scotland. SUBJECTS Patients resident in Tayside in 1993-5 who were using insulin and were registered on the(More)
BACKGROUND Infantile spasms, which comprise a severe infantile seizure disorder, have a high morbidity and are difficult to treat. Hormonal treatments (adrenocorticotropic hormone and prednisolone) have been the main therapy for decades, although little evidence supports their use. Vigabatrin has been recorded to have a beneficial effect in this disorder.(More)
OBJECTIVE Inflammation contributes to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, potentially through the actions of proinflammatory cytokines. We assessed the direct effects of local intra-arterial tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukin-6, and endotoxin on blood flow and endogenous tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) release in vivo in(More)
The potential efficacy of temporal and extratemporal resection in patients with partial epilepsy uncontrolled by anti-epileptic drugs is undisputed. However, there are still uncertainties about which patients will benefit most. A systematic review of the available literature has been undertaken by four pairs of reviewers to assess the overall outcome of(More)
Contributors: GL initiated the ecological and cohort studies, formulated the study aims, designed the layouts, organised the data collection, and participated in the statistical analysis and interpretation of results and in writing the paper. KB participated in collecting and interpreting results for the cohort study. JR participated in the statistical(More)
BACKGROUND Intensive insulin treatment effectively delays the onset and slows the progression of microvascular complications in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Variable adherence to insulin treatment is thought to contribute to poor glycaemic control, diabetic ketoacidosis, and brittle diabetes in adolescents and young adults with IDDM. We(More)
In a prospective study of mortality in a large group of Scottish diabetic patients, ischaemic heart disease was responsible for 51% of deaths, with the diabetic relative risks of death being 3.8, 2.7 and 2.2 for the age groups 45-64, 65-74, and 75 years and over, respectively. The diabetic relative risks for mortality from all causes were 5.5, 2.3, 1.7, 1.3(More)
AIM To evaluate changes in self-efficacy for self-management in young people with Type 1 diabetes participating in a "Negotiated Telephone Support" (NTS) intervention developed using the principles of problem solving and social learning theory. METHODS One-year RCT with 79 young people (male 39; mean age +/- sd 16.5 +/- 3.2 years, duration 6.7 +/- 4.4(More)