Richard W. Joiner

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There has been considerable research concerning peer interaction and the acquisition of children’s scientific reasoning. This study investigated differences in collaborative activity between pairs of children working around a computer with pairs of children working with physical apparatus and related any differences to the development of children’s(More)
This paper presents a model, called Scene-Driver, for the reuse of film and television material. We begin by exploring general issues surrounding the ways in which content can be sub-divided into meaningful units for re-use and how criteria might then be applied to the selection and ordering of these units. We also identify and discuss the different means(More)
-This paper reports a study involving 65 children (31 boys and 34 girls) aged between 10 and I l, which further examined the effect of software type by comparing children's performance on a male stereotyped version of the software with their performance on a structurally identical, but female stereotyped version of the software. We found that girls(More)