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The Wyoming Department of Health investigated an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis among persons who dined at a tourist saloon in central Wyoming during October 2001. Human caliciviruses (HuCVs) were suspected as the etiological agent of the outbreak based on the incubation period, duration of illness, and symptoms observed in ill patrons. A retrospective(More)
A small coryneform bacterium was consistently isolated from sugarcane with ratoon stunting disease and shown to be the causal agent. A similar bacterium was isolated from Bermuda grass. Both strains multiplied in sugarcane and Bermuda grass, but the Bermuda grass strain did not incite the symptoms of ratoon stunting disease in sugarcane. Shoot growth in(More)
The benefits of regular physical activity for older adults are now well-established but this group remain the least active sector of the population. In this paper, the association between levels of neighbourhood deprivation and physical activity was assessed. A sample of 125 males with a mean age of 77.5 (±5.6) years, and 115 females with a mean age of age(More)
Speech recognition was assessed under three levels of room reverberation, each in quiet and noise, for subjects with varying amounts of sensorineural hearing impairment. The three acoustic environments were: sound suite, reverberant room with a reverberation time (T) = 0.54 s and reverberant room with T = 1.55 s. Three groups of subjects were utilized:(More)
Masking level differences (MLDs) were investigated using masking noise with 160 Hz (amplitude-modulated noise) and 600 Hz (filtered-random noise) bandwidth. One hundred normally hearing subjects received the MLD test under both types of noise. Significant differences between noise types were observed in both N0S pi and N pi S0 conditions; MLDs were larger(More)
Wyoming experienced heavy West Nile virus (WNV) activity for the first time in 2003 and the area hardest hit was Goshen County. Little was known about the epidemiology of WNV in this region. This study describes the symptomatology of WNV and the association between certain behaviors and infection in Goshen County. Study participants were recruited from(More)
The aim of this investigation was to develop, digitally record, evaluate, and equate Mandarin trisyllabic words, which could then be used to measure the SRT. A selection of 90 frequently utilized trisyllabic words were digitally recorded by male and female talkers of Standard Mandarin and presented to 20 normally hearing subjects at 13 intensity levels (-10(More)