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Resource management improves the performance of multisensor systems through efficient sensor scheduling. An algorithm that utilizes Interval Algebra is presented to schedule multistatic measurements. Interval algebra can capture temporally ordered sequences in a consistent manner. Multistatic measurements result in better tracks of targets being formed for(More)
Interval Algebra provides an effective means to schedule surveillance radar networks, as it is a temporal ordering constraint language. Thus it provides a solution to a part of resource management, which is included in the revised Data Fusion Information Group model of information fusion. In this paper, the use of Interval Algebra to schedule mechanically(More)
In this paper, we investigate speeding up the execution time of Interval Algebra (IA) mechanically-steered multistatic and multisite radar scheduling using a general-purpose graphical processing unit (GP-GPU). Multistatic/multisite radar scheduling forms part of JDL fusion level 4, Process Refinement, and specifically draws from the multisensor management(More)
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