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We present a new branch-and-cut algorithm for the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP). The algorithm uses a variety of cutting planes, including capacity, framed capacity, generalized capacity, strengthened comb, multistar, partial multistar, extended hypotour inequalities , and classical Gomory mixed-integer cuts. For each of these classes of(More)
The Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (CARP) is a difficult optimisation problem in vehicle routing with applications where a service must be provided by a set of vehicles on specified roads. A heuristic algorithm based on Tabu Search is proposed and tested on various sets of benchmark instances. The computational results show that the proposed algorithm(More)
CEMPS is a prototype spatial decision support system which links the topographical support and analysis provided by a geographic information system, ARC/INFO, with thc ability to simulate the dynamics of an evacuation process. CEh4PS has been dcsigncd to enable emergency planners to experiment with differcnt emergency evacuation plans in ordcr to devise a(More)
In open vehicle routing problems, the vehicles are not required to return to the depot after completing service. In this paper, we present the first exact optimization algorithm for the open version of the well-known capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP). The algorithm is based on branch-and-cut. We show that, even though the open CVRP initially looks(More)
A heuristic algorithm is described for vehicle routing and scheduling problems to minimise the total travel time, where the time required for a vehicle to travel along any road in the network varies according to the time of travel. The variation is caused by congestion that is typically greatest during morning and evening rush hours. The algorithm is used(More)