Richard W. Canavan

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Nitrogen transformations and their response to salinization were studied in bottom sediment of a coastal freshwater lake (Haringvliet Lake, The Netherlands). The lake was formed as the result of a river impoundment along the south-western coast of the Netherlands, and is currently targeted for restoration of estuarine conditions. Nitrate porewater profiles(More)
Concentrations of Fe, Mn, Cd, Co, Ni, Pb, and Zn were determined in pore water and sediment of a coastal fresh water lake (Haringvliet Lake, The Netherlands). Elevated sediment trace metal concentrations reflect anthropogenic inputs from the Rhine and Meuse Rivers. Pore water and sediment analyses, together with thermodynamic calculations, indicate a shift(More)
Increased nitrogen (N) loading to coastal marine and freshwater systems is occurring worldwide as a result of human activities. Diagenetic processes in sediments can change the N availability in these systems, by supporting removal through denitrification and burial of organic N (Norg) or by enhancing N recycling. In this study, we use a reactive transport(More)
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