Richard W. Buskens

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There has been significant theoretical research in the area of system-level diagnosis. This paper documents the first practical application and implementation of on-line distributed systemlevel diagnosis theory. Proven distributed diagnosis algorithms are shown to be impractical in real systems due to high resource requirements. A new distributed(More)
As dependence on wide area and other point-to-point networks increases, the need for diagnosis of the distributed resources becomes critical. Continuous on-line distributed diagnosis at the system-level provides a desirable solution. This paper examines the Adapt algorithm, which performs on-line adaptive distributed diagnosis in arbitrary networks in the(More)
This paper introduces a new fault model for system-level diagnosis and a class of online distributed diagnosis algorithms that operate correctly in the presence of fault nodes that disseminate arbitrarily corrupted diagnostic information. The fault model addresses the practical issue of designing an internode test to cover diagnosis algorithm operation.(More)
This paper presents the design of a highly available distributed call processing system and its implementation on a local area network of commercial, off-the-shelf workstations. A major challenge of using off-the-shelf components is meeting the strict performance and availability requirements in place for existing public telecommunications systems in a(More)