Richard W Burkhardt

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French naturalists at the Muséum Nationale d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris in the early nineteenth century recognized that their individual and collective successes were intimately linked to questions of power over specimens. France's strength abroad affected the growth of the museum's collections. At the museum, preserving, naming, classifying, displaying,(More)
At the beginning of the 1950s most students of animal behavior in Britain saw the instinct concept developed by Konrad Lorenz in the 1930s as the central theoretical construct of the new ethology. In the mid 1950s J.B.S Haldane made substantial efforts to undermine Lorenz’s status as the founder of the new discipline, challenging his priority on key(More)
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Just as biologists have their favored places for doing research, so do historians. As someone who likes working in archives, the most surprising thing the present author ever found was a particular letter that had been written to him by the ethologist Niko Tinbergen-but that Tinbergen had never sent. The letter included a detailed critique of the(More)
The public profile of animal behavior research is out of all proportion to the number of biologists who engage in this kind of work, or the share of funding which they receive. The television genre of the ‘wildlife program’ was substantially shaped by the early contributions of Niko Tinbergen and his students, such as Desmond Morris at Granada Television.(More)
LYDIE BOULLE, M.D. GRMEK, CATHERINE LUPOVICI, and JANINE SAMIONCONTET, Laennec. Catalogue des manuscrits scientifiques, Paris, Masson, 1982, 4to, pp. vi, 316, Fr. 200.00. The scientific manuscripts of Laennec, among them such important unpublished items as his course in the College de France embracing all of medicine, or a book on pathological anatomy, are(More)