Richard W. Bowman

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In a variety of settings it is extremely helpful to be able to apply R functions through buttons, sliders and other types of graphical control. This is particularly true in plotting activities where immediate communication between such controls and a graphical display allows the user to interact with a plot in a very effective manner. The tcltk package(More)
decade, [ 15 ] beginning with the use of fi bers as mounting structures [ 16–19 ] and progressing onto the use of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) tips. [ 6,8,13,20,21 ] While mounting nanoparticles onto SPM tips is more diffi cult than with fi bers the additional capabilities of the SPM tip have made such tips desirable. However , these tips typically(More)
A tablet interface for manipulating microscopic particles is augmented with vibrotactile and audio feedback.The feedback is generated using a novel real-time synthesis library based on approximations to physical processes, and is efficient enough to run on mobile devices, despite their limited computational power. The feedback design and usability testing(More)
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