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Lead-210 and radium-226 measurements by direct gamma assay can now provide a record of changing concentrations in lake sediments sufficiently reliable and precise to form a suitable basis for age/depth and dry-sedimentation-rate calculations. There are additional benefits in terms of non destructive sample preparation and simultaneous assay for other(More)
The study of fish concentrations and sediment inventories in 19 European high mountain lakes (40-67 degrees N) shows that a fraction of organochlorine compounds (OCs), the less volatile compounds (LVC; subcooled liquid vapor pressure < or = 10(-2.5) Pa), are trapped in the higher locations. This general trend is not significantly influenced by possible(More)
We reconstruct the pre-acidification pH of the Round Loch of Glenhead for 1800 AD using three diatom-pH transfer functions and a diatom-cladocera modern analogue technique (MAT), and compare these palaeo-data with hindcast data for the loch using the dynamic catchment acidification model MAGIC. We assess the accuracy of the transfer functions by comparing(More)
Although the ecological effects of surface wateracidification are now well researched, factorscontrolling the abundance and occurrence of aquaticorganisms in unpolluted acid-sensitive systems arepoorly known. The Høylandet region in central Norwayexperiences relatively low levels of atmosphericpollution and its surface waters, although acid, arenot(More)
The analysis of hexachlorobenzene, hexachlorocyclohexanes, polychlorobiphenyls, and DDTs in muscle of fish from high mountain lakes shows that a proportion of their concentration variance depends on fish age and lake altitude. Interestingly, the magnitude of this share corresponds linearly with the log-transformed vapor pressure (Vp) of the organochlorine(More)
Lochnagar is a mountain lake located to the southeast of the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. The inputs and outputs of Hg and Pb and their distribution within the various ecosystem compartments were measured. Further, 17 sediment cores and 10 catchment peat cores were taken and dated using spheroidal carbonaceous particle (SCP) and 210Pb techniques. Total(More)
Widespread concern over the state of the environment and the impacts of anthropogenic activities on ecosystem services and functions has highlighted the need for high-quality, long-term datasets for detecting and understanding environmental change. In July 2001, an international conference reviewed progress in the field of long-term ecosystem research and(More)
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Restoration goals for damaged freshwater habitats can bedefinedaccording to ecological as well as to chemical criteria. Fordisturbed lakes, the sediment microfossil record can be usedtoselect potential modern analogue sites as possible restorationtarget ecosystems.Fossil diatom assemblages in two acidified lakes (Round LochofGlenhead and Loch Dee) in(More)