Richard Verhoeven

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Body Sensor Networks (BSNs) are used for diverse applications ranging from monitoring for medical purposes, sport coaching to computer gaming. This leads to viewing the BSN as an application platform and requires the capability to dynamically extend and configure BSN applications, including reprogramming the sensor nodes of the BSN. We propose a trust(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is emerging as an enabling technology for sharing distributed heterogeneous resources on the network. Consequently, securing services is an increasing concern. Research issues include privacy protection for service providers, transparent access control for service consumers, secure service discovery and composition. In(More)
Matsad is a structure editor designed to facilitate the writing of documents of a mathematical nature. The principal element of Matsad is a system for deening and using \stencils" which deene the visual and logical structure of notational elements in a document. This paper overviews the main features of the editor from a user's viewpoint. Particular(More)
—We present a solution for service discovery of resource constrained devices based on mDNS/DNS-SD. We extend the mDNS/DNS-SD service discovery protocol with support for proxy servers. Proxy servers temporarily store information about services offered on resource constrained devices and respond on their behalf while they are not available. We analyze two(More)